01. Ceramic Workshops

02. Carpetweaving Workshop

03. Sculpting in Natural Stone

  1. 01. Ceramic Workshops

    For ages traditionally pots of many different sizes  and forms for daily use were made in Avanos. Because of that the throwing technique is mostly developed and used in Avanos. Especially for people who like to learn or to advance throwing, this is the place to be more info >>

  2. 02. Carpetweaving Workshop

    While staying in a traditional home, you will be introduced to the different weaving techniques of Anatolian carpets. You will learn how to create your own design, how to set up the worp, make the weft and the knot, and how to dye the wool with plants. more info >>


  3. 03. Sculpting in Natural Stone

    During the worskhop you will work with the natural soft stone from the surroundings. On the first day, after a visit in Avanos, we will go to a quarry nearby our pottery, where you are allowed to search and take the stones you like. more info >>

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