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Galip & Lilian Körükçü 

lilianGalip was born and raised in Avanos and represents the fifth generation of potters in the same workshop as his ancestors. He is host and owner of  the CHEZ GALİP  and ÇEÇ POTTERY.

Lilian; Dutch, educated in art and art therapy, has lived and worked with Galip in Avanos since 1979.

We work mainly in our pottery studio’s and shops, but also teach ceramics to Turkish as well as foreign (art) students. We also organize creative holidays/workshops, with excursions and hikes through the beautiful surrounding valleys of Cappadocia.

Together , and with other people working with us, we lead the pottery and weaving workshops, the hikes and excursions. For other workshops such as music, dance, sculpture etc. we work in cooperation with guest teachers and other specialised (travel) organizations.

The technical part of the carpet weaving workshop is offered by the women in the family, often Galip’s mother, Muazzez. Translation and information about the history, origin of the symbols, colors etc. is done by Lilian.

galipkDuring the workshop you can stay in our Tafana guesthouse, one of the old, restored, traditional homes in the old part of Avanos.  You will live in the midst of authentic village life with its people, hospitality and handicrafts. You will enjoy the beautifiul surroundings and of course Turkish homemade food and wines.

Through our workshops and holidays, we hope to be able to show a side of Turkey not many people know. Turkey is so much more than sun, sea, and sand. İt is a country with a very rich and ancient culture, beautiful natural wonders and a very hospitable population.

We are proud to implement sustainable practices in rural tourism in Cappadocia.

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