1. 01. pottery course


     Short potteryworkshop with the students from Abu Dhabi international school.

    Since about 8 years, every year around end Oktober the schoolgroup with about 80 students and their teachers visit Cappadocia. One whole day they also follow a program in our pottery. All the students have the possibility to have a try on the pottery wheel. It’s always a great day for all of us..

  2. 02. workshops

    We organize courses/workshops from half a day to 2 weeks or more, for small groups of between 4 and 10 people as well as for school- and other groups and individuals.

    During the pottery and sculpting workshops we mostly work in the studio’s just out of Avanos. Most studio’s are comletely carved out of a soft tuffstone mountain, before used as a quarry.

    The studios are all part of the familybusiness Çeç pottery, Chez Galip.

    There is room for throwing, handbuilding, painting and glazing and there are electrical kilns inside the buildings and a traditional woodkiln outside. Anybody who feels like a break during a workshop, can make an inspiring walk to the nearby Dereyamanlı valley, with a small 9th century cave-church.


    During the carpetweaving-workshop we work in Tafana guesthouse and in the carpetshop of Muazzez, Galip”s mother, near our old pottery, in the centre of town.

    Other workshops, like sculpting in the natural stone of the surroundings and oriental bellydance, we organise in cooparation with other organisations and guestteachers.

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