Creative holidays and workshops in handicrafs town Avanos, Cappadocia-Turkey

cappadocia_intoIn the centre of Turkey you’ll find the fairylike landscape of Cappadocia.

This is one of the most beautiful regions of Turkey and unique in the world. It is known for its fantastic and colorfull rockformations and valleys, its cavedwellings and painted rockchurches and monasteries.

Located in this ispiring landscape, you’ll find the delightful pottery-town Avanos situated on the banks of the river Kizilirmak (Red River). The Kızılırmak is the longest river in Turkey and since Hittite times, 2000-1500 BC, and has always been the source of the clay for the traditionally famous Avanos pottery.

In this beautiful environment, we offer since 1979 creative holidays & workshops with ceramics and carpetweaving, sculpture, dance and music, combined with excursions and hikes in Cappadocia

In our workshops the traditional handicrafts and folklore of Turkey get the most attention.

For instance, it is possible to learn how to throw pottery on a wheel, make plates and decorations, carpetweaving.  (look under workshop)

For the other workshops like sculpting in natural stone, dance and music, etc. we work in cooperation with other organisations and guestteachers 

During  one of the activities it is possible to stay in our guesthouse Tafana, one of the old traditional houses in Avanos and located in the old center of town.

Our travel agency is: Galip’s tour, member of the Turkish national travel association TÜRSAB.

We also work together with OPOS (Our People Our Story) Tours & Travel

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